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Weekly Summary of Calendar Entries

Question asked by smalls on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by smalls

Hi All,


My task is as follows: I have a list of calendar entries which could be anywhere from one day to a few weeks long.  Each Friday I have to send a summary of the calendar to a manager.  The summary must contain only the entries relevant to the current week - Monday through the Friday on which I send it.  If an entry overlaps between two weeks, I only send the half that is relevant (e.g. an entry from Thursday to the following Wednesday is sent as half in one week and half in the next week).  I imagine it is possible to automate this process through a workflow.


I am fairly new to Nintex so there may be an obvious solution that I am missing.  I only have access to the SP web editor with Nintex; no designer, visual studio, etc.


Thanks for the help!