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Nintex Mobile Forms - Cascading Dropdown Permissions Issues

Question asked by edaily on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by jlim

Using a subsite with unique permissions, I have created a form that has a cascading dropdown.  Based off selection 1 (location), it pulls a list of supervisors for selection 2.  Users would ALWAYS receive "Error getting list entries" despite having full permissions to the subsite and all required lists.  All lists being used in the form are housed on the SUBSITE.


Troubleshot issue by myself and found that the form queries the ROOT site for permissions, even though all data is housed on the SUBSITE.  I had to create a dummy group on the root site to bypass this issue, and add all the members.  However, this is a large issue, as these users should not have access to this site.  It is basically a shadow group, as I have not informed them that they have access.


Does anyone have a solution to this problem? 


Having subsites with unique permissions is fairly common in SharePoint, it seems pretty ridiculous that the List Lookup field would query the root site for permissions.  Although my current solution works, it is not a permanent one.