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How to toggle visibility of an area that works

Question asked by martinn on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by shrinivasnaik


I'm just creating a form with two areas which will be visible depending on a selection of a radio button. This works. Either the first area is visible or the second.

My problem now is that in the second area will be another radio button named chkButton2 (Yes/No value) that has to hide another area called Area3. That area is also inside of the second area and at the bottom.

Initially this area is hidden because the default of the chkButton2 is "No". If I now select the "Yes"-Option of that radio-button the Area3 is visible. So far everything seems to be correct. But if I now change my selection of chkButton2 back to "No" I expected the Area3 to be hidden again. But exactly that does not work.

I looked at a few videos in the Nintex Youtube channel. But every of the video ends near the fact that an area is visible. In every video it seems to be avoided to click again on the trigger to let the user see what happens if he changes his mind.

Can anyone please give me a hint.

My rule is assigned to Area3 and has a simple condition like " chkButton2 == 'No' " and the hide-checkbox checked.


Thanks in advance