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Regular Expression Match

Question asked by m.k on Jul 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by mapeacock

Hi everyone,


I have a test column for now to check if the input password matches that of the criteria specified. The workflow is a site workflow and for the purpose of this post, I have only 1 variable called "Test Column" where password will be entered.


This is the configuration for the Regular Expression:

Boolean default to Yes.

Criteria for password are:

- At least 1 Upper case

- 1 At least 1 Lower case

- At least 1 special character

- At least 1 number

- No length requirement


And this is the workflow - PS: This is a test one for your reference:


In the Set Variable: Boolean = Workflow Data: string_Variable

In the Set a Condition: Test Column = string_Variable

Send notification if No: Wrong Password

Send notification if Yes: Right password


The behaviour I get is only Wrong password, even when it fits criteria.


What am I missing?