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Question asked by bgamulkiewicz on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by bgamulkiewicz

I am a beginner and have the following scenario: User enters information into form and an approval email is sent. The approver approves data entered and a notification is sent to the manager. At some point after this, more data will be entered by someone else (not the manager) and submitted. Another notification is sent out. At a later time more data is entered and then another email is sent out.


I am fine up until point where the notification is sent the first time. How would the workflow wait and then resume after the next submit and the submit after that? Would I use more than one workflow or just one?


I looked into the conditional but what happens if a value is entered into the field I am looking for and then is later changed before the submit occurs?


I looked into the Run If but it doesn't appear to be what I need since it doesn't wait for the condition to be true.


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