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How do I create a format in a multi line column?

Question asked by rjsiscar on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by melissac

I created a SharePoint list and had a column for POC (Point of Contact). This column has a multi-line for multiple contacts involved. However, upon testing they did different formats for this column. Some of them type it as "Name (Position)", "Name" and "Position (Name)". Because of these different formats, we end up to have a standard format that is not editable by the users.


For this column, we would want to have the format as:

President: Name

Vice President: Name

Director: Name

Manager: Name

Business Administrator: Name


We do not want to create separate columns for different positions. We like it in one column only with the format above. I am just new in using Nintex and I'm not sure if this is possible.


Please assist in a step by step procedure if any. I am using SharePoint 2010.


Thank you.