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Three outcomes on a Flexi-Task with multiple approvers

Question asked by christianmarin on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by christianmarin

Good morning All!


Thanks in advance to all who might have a response for me.  Here's the scenario:


We have a flexi-task going out to two approvers.  There are three possible outcomes--Approve, Reject, and Approve with Exceptions.  Various actions need to complete after each outcome, but that's easy enough.  The trouble comes when trying to utilize the 3rd branch "Approve with Exceptions."


Here are the task specifics:

Both approvers must agree on Approve.

A single rejection will "kill" the other task.

If any one approver selects Approve with Exceptions then the item is approved (comments are logged with the exceptions).


Here is the issue:

With two outcomes the resolution is easy enough.  We have the outcome and outcome achieved in two separate variables, which we evaluate later to perform some post-approval actions.  With the third branch, as we know, the task outcome becomes null and unable to be evaluated.  I tried setting this variable to the desired value AFTER the flexitask, but it seems like that is disallowed.  I also tried assigning numeric values to outcomes, just in case the text values were being mishandled.  Then I tried utilizing the "Other" branch with some logic, but honestly I didn't really see the value so I gave up on that pretty quickly.  Now I'm attempting to store each outcome in a collection and then applying some actions to those returns, but I'm not sure that I'm on the right track.


Does anyone have an example of a working flexi-task with three outcomes and the same approval requirements...or any ideas???


Thanks so much!!1