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Format problem in Multiline textbox connected to an RTF column

Question asked by samo on Jul 7, 2016



Well this is strange. I've created a Nintex (2010) form linked to a list. One of the columns in the list has the format ".


I have created a multiline text box control linked to this column. This is the first control on the form.


Now, when a user opens the form the control's format is "plain text" but when they start typing it changes to RFT format, however they can't delete characters or backspace or anything.


The only way it will work properly is if they use the mouse to click in the control, then everything is OK.


I could default the text to say "Click here to enter your text" but I can't be sure users will do that.


I did consider using an RTF control on the form but that control doesn't have a "connect to" property so I can't connect it to the list column.


Any ideas?