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Delegate Workflow Task is setting Task to Not Required Instead

Question asked by justindevine on Jul 6, 2016
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Good Afternoon,


I'm on Nintex 2010 for SharePoint


I'm having an issue with the Delegate Workflow Task.  In some cases it is not delegating the to listed person, but instead is setting the task to "Not Required". This also causes a parent parallel action to never progress.  It isn't throwing an error, but the delegates do not receive a notification and the tasks are not updated as assigned to the delegate.  What is also strange is this is not happening every time as far as we can currently tell.  I've included images of the configurations, the issue, and one zoomed out image so that you can see that the new Not Required statuses are halting up the larger parallel process. Let me know your thoughts and if you can help.  Thanks!


If you know where I can look for a more detailed description of how / why these tasks are being set to Not Required, please let me know.  My initial look at server logs did not produce anything I noticed as an issue.






This particular issue is occurring in both yellow tasks in the image below: