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Using Mutiple Switch Actions to Calculate a Date

Question asked by shuttjo on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2016 by emha

I found an article on here on using multiple switches but I couldn't find what I am trying to do. In a nut shell, my workflow is setup to where a reviewer changes a review status to either passed, failed or pending it moves those items to another list. It then clears out the review fields and resets the due date to the following date so it's ready for review when the reviewer comes in next day. I have the below workflow to where I have a switch action to run based off a column called frequency. This date would be either Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.. I am in the process of learning how to run and calculate via business days but I haven't got that far yet with my skillset and I am scrambling to get this running for the weekend. What I am trying to do here (for now with daily tasks) is to throw a switch workflow in for "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc." to say, "if the date = Friday, calculate 3 days to the current due date". I am not sure if I can put another switch in my workflow like that and if so, where. Thanks!

Cassy Freeman