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[NINTEX Forms] Display a count of items from a List

Question asked by ornicus on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by ornicus


I have a list with items and it happens these items repeats. hence we have a "loop" column.

I wish that when I create a new item, on my form, the loop number get incremented automatically.


So basically, I just want to count the number of time my item already exist, so I can automatically define its loop= count(item)+1. Unfortunatly, the runtime function count don't seems to fill this purpose and lookup bring back only one of the duplicated row.


Is there any function to count an item in a list?



In my list, I cleck on "+ New item" and in my form, I type in field "Item Ref Nb" 120204, with exist already in the list 3times. I want to display on the form, once I entered the value 120204 that a calculated value control display me the count of this item +1. Hence here, 4.

My List

Item Reference numberLoop