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CSR Row Highlighting - assistance needed

Question asked by contenu on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2016 by contenu

Dear Forum Members, I'm a citizen developer that's running up against his limited understanding of CSR/Javascript. I'm trying to use CSR to enable row highlighting of items in a SharePoint on O365 list. Sources were primarily this post by Wes Preston, where he provides a sample script to achieve this. I'm just not able to get this working and call upon your expertise.


This is my simple list:

...and this is my script:

I want to trigger row highlighting for all items where Value1 == "1" (Value1 column is type Single line of text)

  • My script resides in the /Style Library/JSLink-Samples directory on the root site collection
  • The JSLink on the list web part (in Miscellaneous) is set to

~sitecollection/Style Library/JSLink-Samples/RowHighlighting.js

  • Script is attached below


Your wisdom is greatly appreciated.