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Clear/reset a repeating section

Question asked by mburch on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by anthonynhn999

In a Nintex Form, how can I allow a user to clear out or reset a repeating section?


I have a form with four repeating sections. As we all know, users can delete all but the last row of a repeating section by clicking the large X on the right-hand side of the repeating section. But the last element needs to be deleted from the control(s). I know my users well enough to know that they will complain about having to delete data two different ways.


I was looking at an article (Update fields before Submitting ) that seemed promising, but it will only clear out the first control. I know I can accomplish this via a workflow (in fact, I have a workflow to remove any blank rows, just in case a user decides to add a bunch of blanks), but I need to be able to accomplish this on the form itself so the users have the immediate feedback and/or can clear all the choices and enter new ones right away.


I'm pretty good with Forms and Workflows, but not so much with JavaScript.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!