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Updating Multiline Textbox using JavaScript not working in IE11 on NF

Question asked by pramod.nagaraj on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by jsexton114

We are facing a very serious issue since upgrading to the latest version of Nintex Forms


There's a Multiline Textbox in our forms which are hidden using CSS class (Visible and Enable values are true in the control settings) and the control is connected to the list column


The control has a CSS Class of : hidden-control form-approver-summary


And using Javascript on submit the below code gets called

NWF$(".form-approver-summary textarea").val("");

try {

if (typeof (generateFormSummary) == typeof (Function)) {

var summary = generateFormSummary();

NWF$(".form-approver-summary textarea").val(summary);


} catch (e) {

NWF$(".form-approver-summary textarea").val("");



When the form is submitted the content of the summary variable should be populated to the connected column.


The above isn't working in IE11 after the upgrade.


There are no exceptions on the IE11 console. When I place a breakpoint on the above code and try to query the value using NWF$(".form-approver-summary textarea").val(), it display the value currently stored in the column but when some edits are done, the summary variable shows the updates, but doesn't get stored into the column.


Since the organization's standard browser is IE11 need to get it working in IE11.


The above script works perfectly in the below versions and browsers : Mozilla Fire Fox and Google Chrome : All Browsers


Please help, I am not sure what am I missing. We have around 21 forms which use this logic, the release of the upgrade stuck because of this.