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How do you set a default value on a Lookup Control for Nintex Forms

Question asked by dipetersen on Jun 29, 2016
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I have a couple of lookup controls on a form.  The default behavior is to have some text that displays, "Please select a value...".  My users want me to default to the first item in the list.  Through searching the community site, I found that there isn't a property I can set and that I would have to do something via Javascript.


When I do the code to select the control, I get an error trying to set a value to the first one.  Through some investigation, it appears that Nintex Forms renders a SELECT and and INPUT with the same ID.  When you do a select through the javascript $NWF("#" + ddlShipVia), the type of control that comes back is INPUT, not SELECT.  When I look at the HTML source, I see the following structure for a lookup.



<div formcontrolid="4af0658e-cbbc-438d-afbe-c27a2ad8068e"






  <div class="nf-filler-control-border">

  <div class="nf-filler-control-inner">


  <span id="ctl00_ctl41_g_91b5f1e3_92bd_4d83_8d14_a26b5dce3b8d_ctl00_ListForm2_formFiller_FormView_ctl06_ctl40_ctl28_lookup4f2e3949_0f86_425e_b950_d0251de74300"

  title="{help text}">

  <div class="nf-lookup-loading nospinner" data-bind="css: { nospinner: hideLoadingSpinner }, visible: isLoading" style="display: none;">Loading...</div>






  <input name="ctl00$ctl41$g_91b5f1e3_92bd_4d83_8d14_a26b5dce3b8d$ctl00$ListForm2$formFiller$FormView$ctl06$ctl40$ctl28$lookup4f2e3949_0f86_425e_b950_d0251de74300$Lookup"

  type="text" id="ctl00_ctl41_g_91b5f1e3_92bd_4d83_8d14_a26b5dce3b8d_ctl00_ListForm2_formFiller_FormView_ctl06_ctl40_ctl28_lookup4f2e3949_0f86_425e_b950_d0251de74300_Lookup" ...>









How do I select the "SELECT" control if the ID on the SELECT and INPUT are the same?


I tried to iterate through the options by using $NWF("#" + ddlShipVia > OPTION) but I get an error that there is no OPTION.  It's true because the type of control that is returning from the jQuery selection is an INPUT.


Any ideas?