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Continuing a repeating section from a form on a wf task form and display data in list

Question asked by yvette on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by yvette

On my form I have a repeating section that I would like to display on the workflow task form whilst also being able to complete additional fields. To be specific: on the form a user can be signed up for software named YOB and on the task form the repeating section is displayed (read only) as it is filled out and in additional fields (edit) it can be registered what each user's user name and password will be, amongst other things.


I have found discussions on displaying repeating section data Displaying Repeating Section Data in List Views, The Easy Way! and on continuing a repeating section from a task form on another task form within the same workflow Seeding a Repeating Section.

In the first instance it is important not to connect the repeating section to a column so that all data is saved to the hidden Form Data column.

When continuing a repeating section on a task form it is important to connect all same repeating sections on the different task forms to the same variable within the workflow.


Now  in order to show the data from the repeating section of the form on the task form I tried not connecting either repeating sections but in that case the repeating section on the task form shows like a 'new' repeating section, it can't display information from the original form. Both repeating sections, from form and task form, were named the same: YOBgebruikers (YOB users).


Connecting both repeating sections to a list column - which is named YOB gebruikers (YOB users) - proved to be the solution. Both repeating sections were named the same: YOBgebruikers. I can complete the task form and supply the user information for each user and the updated XML registers completely in the list column.


However, I can't seem to do a Get Forms Repeating Section UDA with this configuration:


I am still quite new to Nintex so I’m afraid there’s something I’m not understanding here. I have worked with the Get Forms Repeating Section UDA before but normally get the data from the Forms Data column.


I also noticed that in the 'YOB gebruiker' column the XML doesn’t show the repeating section name YOBgebruiker, only the labels and answers to the connected fields.