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Can "Update Item" change the version number of a document? If not, is there something that can?

Question asked by centzminger on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by rob

End Result:

- I want a workflow that overwrites a previous version of a document held in a different library with the document the workflow is running on currently.

- I want to choose what kind of version update the document needs (Major, Minor, No Change)

- I need the document on the new library to act accordingly to the choice above.


Currently I can update a document on another list, and update for a Major version using the "Check out" and "Check in" boxes. When I select "No Change" and check the item in and out again with the "No Change" option selected, the document seems to be "modified" and counts the check in as a minor update. I tried to use "Update Item" to change the version number back to what it was originally, but there is no option to change the version number. By using "Copy to Sharepoint" to update the document, this also updates the version number automatically. Is there a way to either rectify the version number after the update or update the document without changing the version number?


Thank you to anyone who replies!