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dbo.DeleteWorkflows not getting created

Question asked by kapilkjoshi Champion on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by kapilkjoshi

I'm in need of an urgent solution.

I'm migrating from SP2010 to 2013 and while re-connecting the existing Config DB from SP2013 Central Admin, i'm getting this error.

Cannot find the object 'DeleteWorkflows', because it does not exist

So I look back at the database and find that it has created a stored procedure as FarmAdmin.DeleteWorkflows


I run the mapping again in the Config db, now it throws the error :

There is already an object named 'DeleteWorkflows' in the database.  Cannot find the object 'DeleteWorkflows'

So it is not creating this stored procedure in dbo schema. What can i do so that it creates the correct stored procedure? Any urgent help would be appreciated.