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SharePoint Permission's group as a Usertable

Question asked by tomrap on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by janeyres

Is it possible to set up a sharepoint permissions group as a usertable in a sharepoint list, so that only member of that specific group can view items entered by other people in that specific sharepoint permissions group? (hopefully that made sense)



I was thinking of somehow building a nintex workflow to query the list based on a defined field, and somehow query the sharepoint user group to associate the two.



SharePoint User permission Group 1 = "Toronto Employees"

Members - Tom, John, Steve


SharePoint User permission Group  2 = "New York Employees"

Members - Chris, Bob, Rick


One of the questions on the firm/list would be, Which city are you from? (possible answers would be Toronto, or New York).  at that point, once a form has been submitted, I would only want Toronto Employees to see what other Toronto Employees have answered, and New York Employees, to see what other new York employees have answered.