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FormatDate returns formatted date only sometimes

Question asked by yvette on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by mapeacock

On a form I have a repeating section for the date (txt_Data) and amount of kilometers (num_Km) travelled. In the workflow I convert the XML into text (Query XML and build string). Before building the final string I format the date.




















Build String configuration for formatting the date:

Build String configuration for more than one line in repeating section:



After the loop this variable txt_Specificatie is written to the column SpecificatieKilometers in a list (item updated).


This is the result in the list (snippet):

I don't understand why formatting the date only works half the time, it seems completely random as it occurs with one or two and more lines in the repeating section. In other workflows I don't have this problem with FormatDate.


Any words of advice?