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json source for DrawLoop DDP

Question asked by bryanh on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by bryanh

Hi All,


We have "snapshots" stored as JSON arrays in Text Area (Long) field in a custom Salesforce object.


We were hoping that somehow we could use the contents of this JSON as the input to a DDP to create a Word Document.Is this possible?


I have been pointed to some documentation in the Loop Apex Guide, (… ) but can't make any sense of this. I understand that we may somehow be able to massage data into a format that can be used, however cannot decipher what format the data needs to be in and how it is passed to our DDP.


Does anyone know if what I have described is achievable? If so any tips, links or advice would be greatly appreciated. Extensive searching of web has so far been unsuccessful.


Thanks in advance