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query list not working for the first item in a collection

Question asked by tolbrich on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by jesse.mchargue

Hi community,

We use SharePoint Server 2010 and Nintex Workflow 2010 (v2.4.6.0 - International).

I have a strange problem with query list using a collection in a for each loop.

The task sounds fairly easy.

A multi line text field (plain text) in a list contains part numbers each on a separate row.

Now we need to check if one or more of those numbers are also in another list and act on it if this is the case.

The workflow reads the multi line text field into a variable then converts it into a collection variable and then removes the white spaces.

I double checked this because it failed in the beginning when the white spaces were still in place.

The collection now looks like this: "64049500;22006100;64057100;22009100;64007400;71208500;"

Now when I query the other list using the collection in a for each loop the first part number returns always nothing. For testing I use only numbers that are in the lookup list.

It is always the first part number that is failing. I double checked it when changing the order several times.

I cannot see why the query list action fails to return a result for the first item.

Any suggestions? 

Thank you.