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Real Time monitoring of all currently executing Workflows

Question asked by vacoder on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by janeyres

We are using Nintex 2013 Standard on our SharePoint 2013 farm. We have a single WFE server and a Single APP server as well as a DB server. So its a pretty small farm that we plan on growing as required. These are very beefy boxes with lots of RAM and CPUs but that doesn't help so much when the limitations to workflow are determined by the number of web front ends you have in your farm! We use HNSC for our clients and have about 140 clients and growing.


So I've been thinking about putting together a tool that would  show the number of currently executing workflows. HarePoint has a nice tool that does this but our needs are pretty  simple and I'd like to build something in PowerShell or C# that can take a snapshot periodically and save the results as well as something that can be run on demand.


Just wondering if any Admins or Devs have tried to tackle this and what your experience was like or what your thoughts are on it..