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Flexitask Error

Question asked by melissac on Jun 23, 2016
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Hello Everyone,

I desperately need your help! I've reached out to Nintex Support but have not received any real support.


Background Information:

We have a List with incoming email enabled. An email is sent to the list (usually contains an attachment) on Create the Workflow is kicked off. The Workflow

Creates a HTML Table with the the email subject, sender, title and sends out a Task (FlexiTask) to group. Anyone of the group can "Claim" the Task. At that point the Task is completed updating a Name field with the name of the person that claimed the Task. A second Task (FlexiTask) is created.

In the FlexiTasks we use a simple InfoPath Form. This had been working for a while.

Nintext Workflow 2013 - Version: - English


The WF appears to be working correctly until it gets to the FlexiTask Action - The Task email is sent but the link provided in the emails is not working it takes the user to the "Something Went Wrong" screen. For a Bit I got around this by terminated the WF and rerunning the WF - The email was sent with the correct link and everything worked properly. As of two days ago this is no longer working when I attempt to run the WF I get the following error. 

Critical Error

The form has been closed.

Click Start over to load a new copy of the form. If this error persists, contact the support team for the Web site.

Click Close to exit this message.

Hide error details

Correlation ID:6960889d-4957-30e3-5f64-c2ef0d4571a3


I thought that if I created a New Task list and attached it to the WF (via the Workflow Settings) that this would correct the issue but it has not.

Does anyone have any suggestion?