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InfoPath approvals using Webservice GetRunningWorkflowTasksForCurrentUser and Claims Auth

Question asked by peterbehler on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by jdprescillajr

Hello, I'm just checking with other users if they have found a way to allow users access the edit form of a Item with InfoPath Form or InfoPath Library and have access to the flexi-task outcomes and responses on the same form.  There is documentation to making this work using webservices in your InfoPath form design and it worked great.  Up until I switched to SP2013 and Claims Based Auth, which the document stated has no workaround yet.


I'm just curious if anyone else managed a workaround?  The problems is that we set up our secure store and all the InfoPath ULX files because the web form will only pass as Anonymous now. The GetRunningWorkflowTasksForCurrentUser call requires the local user account but the secure store has a static account, its not returning "My Tasks", it's returning the tasks of the account in the secured store.  I wish I could make it a variable somewhere.