Nintex Workflow starts over lists on same site

Discussion created by rszabo on Jun 23, 2016
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Hi All,


We have found and interesting bug/feature in SharePoint 2013. Maybe you are aware, for us it was an easter egg.

Saved list template stores the workflow association, and on the same site it partially carries the workflow to the new list which you created from it.


Steps to reproduce:

  • There is a Site with a List and a workflow on it. Workflow starts automatically on new item.
  • Save the list in a template and create a new List from it on teh same Site.
  • Create a new item, and the previous workflow will start on that item, even though you can't see that in the list of available workflows for that item.

You can't manually start but it's there.


If we check the list template file (.stp) as source (you can rename the extension to .CAB and unzip) in the manifest XML, we can see the workflow assosciations in that.

Original file:

Renamed to .cab:


Open the manifest with Notepad (or alternative):

You can delete this part and pack it back to the CAB, but by default WinZip can't create CAB file, so you may need other programs for that.


Hope it helps!