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Office 365 Check in items  -  URL and folder syntax examples please

Question asked by ericbagshaw on Aug 7, 2014
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Evaluating Nintex for Office 365


Wish to publish a major version on a document’s final check-in. Normally I’d use the 2013 Action which has a ‘Check in type’ pull down. The Nintex 365 action doesn’t yet have this feature. So instead I’m using the ‘Office 365 Check in items’ Action.


Having problems with the first two form entries:-

  • Destination Site URL
  • Document library


Tried numerous combintions of URLs and folder names – with and without slashes etc. but always get a Workflow History error along the lines of below:-


The list 'Shared Documents' does not exist in web site ''.


Any examples or suggestions will be most welcome…


Many thanks in advance 

Eric Bagshaw