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"error getting list entries" Nintex Mobile - Lookup columns

Question asked by mrlee on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by emha

hey All,


I have a table with 4 custom list lookups working in a way of:


List 1 - Chapter numbers

List 2 - Chapter and Section Numbers


List 3 -  Aircraft Type

List 4 - Aircraft Type & AC



the way it's planned to work:


List 2 populates dependant on the data in the List 1 dropdown box (same  for 4/3)


the drop downs work fine. However as soon as I add the filter functionality to List 4 I get "error getting list entries" via the mobile form.


to be clear it works via a standard Desktop Form/iPad and loads the data correctly.


just on the Nintex Mobile it shows it's loading the data on the dropdowns but then shows a red bar at the top with "error getting list entries"


anyone know a way around this? incase it's of matter:


List 1 - about 6 entries

List 2 - about 150 entries

List 3 - about 70 Entries

List 4 - about 70 Entries


any help would be great as filtering down the data would go so far rather than trying to find the option from a 150 item list.