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In O365 how do I display a users name instead of Login ID in Workflow notifications?

Question asked by michaelr.gwozdz on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by michaelr.gwozdz

I created a simple workflow in Nintex (for learning purposes) that sends an email notification to a user when automatically starting a workflow.

However when testing, instead of displaying their name it's using the login id itself i.e. i:0#.f|membership|

I understand why it might do this because the field from the list is a UserId field but it's not something I can change because I need it to use in order for it to find the user from Active Directory.


If there's a cleaner way do this using a different Item Property I'm very open to suggestions.


Ultimately what I'm looking to achieve is to make it easy data entry with clean data where the user inputs data into a form or list with minimal effort.

Basically where they can easily find their name (or other user names) through a drop down linked from AD so they can automatically drop it in the form (so the data is clean and consistent), and then have it properly display in notifications (from a workflow) or other areas be it a form, another workflow step or report.