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show panel based on dropdown box value

Question asked by mrlee on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by mrlee

hey all,


fairly new to Nintex Forms.


I have a Dropdown box and if the dropdown box is equal to "Other" i want it to display a textbox accordingly.


I can get this working to a degree.


1) if i use Contains(Port,"Other") It Hides it when Other is selected. but the panel displays correctly (see attachment nintex.png) ( i know this is just because of how i checked the hidden but it's to show that the panel displays correctly using this method)

2) if i use not(contains(port,"Other") the Panel appears under some of the other data when "other" is selected. (nintex2.png)


Can anyone explain how i can get the panel to display correctly when "Other" is chosen rather than just appearing underneath


the method "not(Contains(port,"Other") is my desired outcome.