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Have you experienced any UDA Gotchas when publishing to another site collection?

Question asked by sonisick on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by sonisick

I am working on a deployment script to port a SharePoint/Nintex Application to multiple environments: Test, Staging, Production.


In order for my workflows to work correctly I need to publish the UDAs that they use, so I first exported my UDAs. (They are all TeamSite--I assume this is Web.)

In order to test the PowerShell Script I test one, then deleted it .

Then I published the remainder with my script.


Once I had them published, another developer informed me that all the UDAs were missing from the original site. I, then, scrambled to reimport and publish all the UDA on the original site collection. To do so I had to delete the UDAs on the other site collection that I was testing because Nintex was telling me the Guid was already in use.


My script was customized from Marty Harris The SharePoint Repair Joint


Is it possible to test installation of UDAs on a different Site Collect.  I'll probably move my testing to another SharePoint Box--but this dampens my enthusiasm for using UDAs.