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SP Online (Form): Text Field with Autocomplete (Values from a SP List Column)

Question asked by milan.stojadinovic on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by cazza162

Hello Nintex Community!

Hopefully someone can help me out with this:


  1. Downloaded SPServices from
  2. Modified the jquery.SPServices-2014.02.min.js (Changed "(jQuery)" to "(NWF$)")
  3. Uploaded the modified jquery.SPServices-2014.02.min.js with the SP Designer to the "Style Library"
  4. Set the Client ID JavaScript variable name of the Text Field to myCity
  5. Added the path to the jquery.SPServices-2014.02.min.js in Custom JavaScript Includes
  6. Added the following Code to Custom JavaScript


NWF$(document).ready(function() {

 var itemSource = [];
 var i = 0;

  operation: "GetListItems",
  async: false,
  listName: "myCityList",
  CAMLViewFields: '<ViewFields><FieldRef/></ViewFields>',
  CAMLQuery: '<Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name=\'City\' Ascending=\'True\' /></OrderBy></Query>',
  completefunc: function(xData, Status) {
   NWF$(xData.responseXML).find("[nodeName= z:row]").each(function() {
    itemSource[i] = NWF$(this).attr('ows_City');
    i = i + 1;

 NWF$("#" + myCity).autocomplete({      
   source: itemSource  


The internal Field Name of the column City is City.


What am I missing?


Thanks in advance & kind regards,