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office 365 query list action not supporting multiple nested condtion ?

Question asked by aravindmp on Jun 20, 2016

Hi Guys ,


I have a multiple nested condition in my CAML editor in the office 365 Query List action which I paste it in the editor.







            <FieldRef Name="Publishon"  />

            <Value Type="DateTime">

              <Today />




            <FieldRef Name="Publishon"  />




          <FieldRef Name="BuzzProcessedDate"  />




        <FieldRef Name="_ModerationStatus"  />

        <Value Type="ModStat">0</Value>





When I save this action and execute the query , the action does not persist or save the query in the CAML Editor. It resets back to the default query that comes along with the action.

Is this a normal behavior or the query list does not support multiple nested conditons ??

I Had it working for a simple condition using the CAML Editor.