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Cleanup - Delete Site Workflow History Entries

Question asked by ojdanic on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by marisar


I would like to delete Site Workflow History Entries from a Website. I have already deleted the Workflow (it isn't running any more), but the Entries are still there.


I think this is for SharePoint 2010 and also 2013 (i am using 2013).


Here my search ways:

- Contextmenu (top right) - Nintex Workflow 2013 - View Workflow History -> I can see several Entries with the already deleted Workflow

- Site Settings - Manage Workflow history lists -> The History lists are empty (0 items)

- Site Settings - Manage Workflow Inventory -> Workflow is not available (already deleted)

- Site Settings - Recycle Bin -> Empty (also the Admin-Bin)


I have found in several discussions points for Library and List Workflows, but nothing to clean up this Site Workflow history.


More investigations show me, that the Workflows aren't available in Nintex, because the graphical view is "not available". So this can only be a SharePoint thread.


Does anyone have an Idea?


Big thanks,