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Protect Sensitive information for on-boarding

Question asked by tedwards on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by shrinivasnaik

I have been tasked to create a new on-boarding workflow. The new form will be capturing sensitive information for the new employee and I need some suggestions on the best way to protect this information:


I am currently thinking of have 5 potential workflows, the first workflow will automatically start when the new list item is created, this potentially kickoff the other 4 workflows for HR, Payroll, IT and Health Nurse


Once the on-boarding form is submitted I want to hide the values from being seen on the main form and restrict access inside of sharepoint.. If this is not possible I am thinking of making a complex math operation to manipulate the current sensitive input to update the sharepoint list item with a UDA and when I need to extrapolate the data for Payroll reverse it and store it into a variable.


I am looking for others input and possible solutions that you may have implemented in your organizations.


Thank you