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Nintex Form created list item with multiple attachments. Need to move this list data to another secure list, but attachments are not coming along. What am I missing..? O365.

Question asked by kristig on Jun 16, 2016
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I have researched everything I can to figure this out. I have a Nintex form collecting claim data in our SharePoint O365 environment. Once this data is collected, a Nintex workflow is copying some of the data, including all attachments,  to another claims list on a secure sub-site (same primary site). All of the information is coming over correctly, but the attachments are not. This is from one list to another and anywhere from 1 to 8 attachments will be included in each claim. At one point I was able to get 1 of several attachments to come over, now I can't get any to move/copy over to the new list. "Copy Document" function doesn't work since I am not dealing with libraries here.

I must be missing something, this can't be this difficult. Any ideas please?