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How do I embed a workflow URL variable into the HTML of my notification?

Question asked by andreapasutti on Jun 17, 2016
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Hi! I've been using Nintex for about 6 months and am even greener at HTML.


My workflow generates a task. The user uploads their findings as an attachment to the task and completes it. My workflow then uses the Call Web Service action in conjunction with a Query XML action and Build String action (to replace the spaces with %20) to get the URL of the task attachment. This URL ends up in a text variable called attachmentsURL_text. I end up with a splendid URL that works only when I insert the variable into the body of the notification. When I try to embed it into HTML, it doesn't work. You know, "click here to view the attachment" rather than some gangly URL.





<div>Click <span id="NWRTEReference1"><a class="ms-rtestate-write" contenteditable="false" onclick="selectThis(this);" href="javascript:void(0);" reftext="here" link="true" reflink="%7BWorkflowVariable%3AattachmentsURL_text%7D" link="false" style="text-decoration: underline; color: blue">here</a></span> to view the attachment.<br/>


Even though it shouldn't matter, I've tried replacing the code with the symbols (a { instead of %7B ) and, but that still doesn't work. I've also checked and unchecked the "Parse for tokens twice" in my Build String action and that didn't make a difference.


Here is a sample of what my URL looks like when I use the variable in the body of the notification:




Any help would be appreciated.