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How to merge several sharepoint lists into one master using workflow

Question asked by tomrap on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by tomrap

My objective is to have one master sharepoint list (that I can export to excel).  The files that would merge would be found on several different sub-sites.  The reason for this is, is due to data information access.


1 - is it possible to have each sub-site list send a copy (& update) to a master list and keep this list updated? Using workflow?


2 - or is it possible to have a master list obtain information from all of these sub-site lists? and have it run on a schedule (for example once a day? or even atomically?)


which do you think is the best approach?  how would I build this?


please note, I am fairly new to sharepoint and nintex.  I also am not allowed to use sharepoint designer.



thanks for your help.