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Nintex Form: Lookup data from another list

Question asked by larry.saytee on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by tposzytek

In short, I want to achieve this -


So I wish to do a lookup on a list on the same site and pull in a value. The name of the list is Products. It has Title and Price columns.


For the form, I created a drop down lookup field named Product (to represent Items), then I created a calculated column named Price with the formula ("parseLookup("Products", "Id", Product, "Price")"), Qty for quantity then Total (which is Qty times Price).


However, I am getting errors. The "Items" drop down works. The "Price" field shows "#Value!" and the Total shows "ID;#Item" as shown in the below screen grab.















I am seeing a lot of blog posts for older version of Nintex forms shows the formula starting with "lookup" rather then "parseLookup". I've even seen - parseLookup(lookup("MyList","ID", MyDropDownControl, "MyFillInColumn"), true).


Which is correct? What is the best way to use the parseLookup formula in a calculated field?


In short, I want to achieve this -