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Nintex Workflow status different from workflow status column

Question asked by netsenthil on Jun 15, 2016
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Hi ,


I have a Nintex workflow custom action created and added to my Nintex workflow.

In the workflow, at the last part before the end workkflow, I have "Set workflow Status" to Completed.


After running the workflow, I see that the Nintex workflow has completed. I could see this by opening View Workflow History Page and I see it is under Completed Workflows section.

But the Workflow Status Column always shows "In-Progress" and the default SharePoint workflow status page shows that the workflow is "In Progress" status.

I see that there is a mismatch between the Nintex workflow status and the status in the workflow status column.


Can somebody help to find this issue ?


Also is there a way to forcibly update the status to completed for the workflows that are struck in the state that I mentioned above.