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What's my Enabled field solution?

Question asked by on Jun 14, 2016
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OK, here's my head-scratcher for the day.


Start with a text field with Advanced -> Control Mode: Edit. I do this to display the actual field boundaries in Display Mode. Normally, I follow that up with Appearance -> Enabled -> Expression -> Is Edit Mode. This disables the fields in Display Mode, but allows them to keep their field boundaries.


So, here's the rub. I need this field to only be active in this scenario:

- Customer Edit Field = yes AND Is Edit Mode


- IsMemberOfGroup(Site Owners) AND is Edit Mode


So, basically, if the customer visits the form and if the Customer Edit Field is flagged yes they can edit the field if in Edit Mode. If one of the Site Owners visits the form they can edit the field regardless of the flag in Customer Edit Field.


In theory, this should work (I think): fn-Or(fn-And(fn-Equals(CustomerEdit, Yes), Is Edit Mode), fn-And(fn-IsMemberOfGroup(Email Marketing Request Owners), Is Edit Mode))


But it doesn't. I've read in a few posts that adding this much complexity dooms the effort.


Any suggestions? Hate to poke Andrew Glasser again, but I always love your feedback!


PS--why no IsMemberOfGroup in Rules? I read a great work-around for that one, but it seems like it should be there. And why Named Controls in Action properties? Are Rules the only dynamic drivers on the form once it's loaded?