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Search Query Workflow action not returning all results

Question asked by chuckalexander on Jun 13, 2016



I am trying to populate a list of sub sites using the search query workflow action in Nintex workflow 2013, but it is only returning a subset of results.


I would run it as a site workflow that runs on a schedule on the top site of the site collection that has project sub sites below, but it only returns 6 of the 18 sub sites currently on the site collection.  A search results web part on the same top site pulls all 18 sub sites, so I am reasonably sure that it is not my search service and Nintex support senior engineers have confirmed that that there is no set limit and that the search query workflow action creates an array and fills it.


Has anyone else seen this behavior from the search query workflow action?


Would it be better to use the call web service action with a CAML query instead?