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How to wait for all answers from all participants in 'Request Approval' action even if someone says 'Rejected'

Question asked by alexissh on Aug 6, 2014
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I am looking for advises how to wait for all answers from all participants in 'Request Approval' action even if someone says 'Rejected'. Default behavior is no matter what configuration you specify for the action itself it finishes the approval process as soon as someone says Rejected. In theory this behavior might be good, but for our particular case we need to ask people for their feedback (approve/rejected) in our case and get their ALL opinions.


I have tried to use FlexiTask, but it has pretty the same behavior - ends approval as soon as someone says rejected. The only 'out-of-box' option that I can envision right away is to use Assign To-Do task where you can wait to all responses. But in this case instead of 'user-friendly' Nintex approval task form with Approve/Reject and a comments field you get very pure standard form (yeah, SharePoint one, no complains)where you need to answer via 'Edit' action what is very confusing for most of end users. I can modify display/edit forms but it seems to be real over complication for absolutely simple case of parallel approval. One more minus of using ToDo tasks that I have to query tasks list to get results of approval process, but it might be the case that the task has been already deleted by assignee. I can play with security of course, but it looks like artificial complication.


Another option would be to start workflows in parallel for each participant but again it looks more like a work around because you loose transparency of the process....


Just knowing that ToDo task can wait for all replies I do not see any reasons why Request Approval cannot wait for all responses and then decide 'Approved/Rejected' in its logic, so probably I am doing something wrong.


Any ideas are welcome. Thanks a lot for your comments!


P.S. Nintex Workflows for SharePoint 2013.