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Site workflow - how to get data from repeating table in each form?

Question asked by stirns on Jun 10, 2016
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Hello all, I have a form with a repeating table with 4 fields in it. An assignment, a people picker, a date picker and a check box. These fields are used to show if an assignment has been completed or not. So we have the assignment, the person assigned to the task, the due date and the check box. Imagine that there are 50 forms with 10 assignments in each repeating table.


I would like to run a scheduled site workflow that will look at each form and save those fields to collections & then if the check box is empty & the due date is past send an email.


Can anyone share on this? Should I start with a query list, save the form title to a collection then do a for-each on it with a query xml inside the for-each to read the repeating table data via the index?