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Show and hide panels and have the form readjust

Question asked by michaels750 on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by michaels750

I'm building a help section within a form of ours.

This section is hidden and can be toggled via a 'Risk Help' button.

In this help section there is a set of helper panels. Each with a button that will show it's corresponding panel.



But when building this section, the form freaks out and leaves a heap of while space below. Now each panel is of different heights, and one of these panels fits this height but I want this section to rearrange the white space on each click. Instead of leaving a gaping hole.

If this is too difficult for nintex to grasp, I'd prefer the form to act like this:


And to keep the section the same height, have the longer panels use scroll wheels. But I'm not sure how to get nintex to do this...


I've attached the form in it's current state below.