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Setting a multi value  List lookup to single value breaks workflow

Question asked by westerdaled on Jun 8, 2016
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Sometimes, you just can't make stuff up!


On Friday, I successfully demoed to the team my latest version of my Request Form and supporting Workflow.   The form as has couple of List Lookups which allow the requester to select multiple names, filtered by the previous List Lookup selection. Assuming I get the correct Regex Expression Action syntax, I can extract each name from the second List Lookup and Assign Tasks or send and send emails. I connect the ID of the second Lookup List to a List item Text Column which stores the string  value this in this format:


3;Daniel Westerdale;#7;Donald Duck


On Tuesday my client decided they wanted both the List Lookups to be single value  select and straight way my workflow starting terminating prematurely .  Further investigation seems to suggest some sort of flaw in the way a single select List lookup passes its value to connected Text List column. Indeed, It seems to truncate the string so it only stores the number prefix. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Form showing the selected name for the dropdown.png


In my Workflow history I log my Text List Column but this time I don't store the full string just the  number prefix, and this is before I can apply any RegEx!!!!!!!!!!!!


Workflow History just showing the number prefix.png





I simply didn’t see this issue when the same List Lookup allowed multiple values.  A Show Stopper I think