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Copy Repeating section data from a form to a new one

Question asked by acoccett on Aug 6, 2014
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Good morning,

I am developing a chain of workflows using Nintex Form and Nintex Workflow.

I have repeating sections on a form (let's call it Project Form) that contains data into rows. This form contains a repeating section with team members data.


The process states that at one moment the user can create a new form (let's call it Implementation Form, on a new list with a new Nintex Form, different design and colors) that should contains some data from the previous form (like Project Code, Project Scope, etc). This is not difficult at all. The problem is that I must copy also the team member repeating section, programmatically. from the Project Form to the Implementation Form.


I have found a number of post that explain how to retreiev data from a repeating section using the workflow, but could not find any info on how to programmatically add rows to a repeating section.


Thank you for any hint you may give to me.


Best regards