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Permissions to start workflow - irregular behavior

Question asked by icarus2627 on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by icarus2627

Lately I've been noticing inconsistencies when it comes to being able to start workflows or not.


I've got one case where a user should be able to start a workflow, but can't. But now I've got the opposite. A case where one user shouldn't be able to start one, but is.


  • So we've got 2 sites.
  • Both sites are identical in general structure.
  • Permissions are handled through sharepoint groups.
  • This is about a list where you start a workflow on an item and the workflow then creates a document in a library on the same site.


The owners from either site should be able to create a document in their library starting from their list.

Now there is a third party. Their task is to edit the documents or the list items on either side. However, they should not be able to create items or start any workflows.

To do this we gave that third group of users "edit, no delete, no contribute" rights.


The funny thing is...

On one site people with those permissions CAN start a workflow, on the other one they can't. (interesting fact, we've got 31 of those sites and on 30 of them the third group can't start that workflow, but on that one site they can - My OCD can't handle it, not to mention it's unwanted behavior)


I've checked:

  • site permissions (are there differences in permission on site level) - wasn't the case
  • list / lib permissions - no differences here either
  • workflow designer permissions - nothing stands out here
  • custom permission levels - as in, are there differences in what it means to have 'edit, no delete, no contribute' permissions - everything exactly the same
  • site features - nothing weird here either


What Am I Missing?