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Need more information on how Nintex Forms are attached to ListTemplates

Question asked by sonisick on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by sonisick

I'm in the process of scripting some complicated moves with Lists, Nintex Form Templates, Nintex Workflows, Site Columns, Content Types and Lookup Fields from our Dev Environment to multiple staging environments and finally to production.


I'm trying to understand when I create a ListTemplate (stp file from List Settings), how does it attach the form?  I noticed after installing the template on a new Site collection and creating a list from the template.  The List correctly displayed the form template.  I had not yet even activated the Site Collection Features for Nintex Forms and Workflows and there was no library under  site/NintexForms/Forms/AllItems.aspx. 


Where did it store that form? in the Schema? Is that form dependent on being able to access the forms library on my original site?


I'm also contemplating--since I can't template all my libraries because I am going to have to add lookup fields to some of them when they get to a new site--coping templates from  site/NintexForms/Forms/AllItems.aspx on my original site and changing data to point to a new list on my new site.


Nothing on SharePoint is easy when your dealing with Site Column, Content Types, Lookup fields, Nintex Forms, and Nintex Workflows.