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Determine if Collection Variable is Blank

Question asked by andreapasutti on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by andreapasutti

Hello! I've been using Nintex for about 6 months and I'm looking for a way to determine if a collection variable is blank. My workflow has a state machine with different review paths based on department (Finance, Legal, Biz Unit). For each state, I have a query that pulls all reviewers from a contact list (people picker field) based on their department and adds them to a collection. I use the collection in the "To" field of the notification so all reviewers are sent the same task. If there are no reviewers for a particular review state, I want it to skip the notification and go to the next state. I have a condition that evaluates the collection variable (if the variable is blank, go to the next state; if the variable is not blank, send them the notification). It seemed like the simplest approach, but because the collection separates the contents with a semicolon, the collection is never blank. I'm thinking this isn't the best approach after all.


What is the best way to change state based on whether there are reviewers? Is there a way to evaluate a collection and ignore the semicolons? Even when I use the collection operation to count a collection that has no contacts in it, it counts the semicolons.